Getting ur xbox games onto another xbox
"Ere mate u gunna do that dodgy norton hack today so we can play COD on 3 way l8r"
by Blackcat69er March 25, 2020
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To hack someone's online status with such brilliance and epicness that it is considered to be the Ultimate Hack. Or, ulti-hack.
Person A status: 'I want sex with a fat hairy man.'

Person B comment: 'WHOA, ulti-hack'
by ulti-hacker September 29, 2011
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A heavily edited, fake online video that will often result in injury or burning your house down
A man burned down his house trying the viral hack where you cook a steak in your toaster.
by keveloperer June 17, 2022
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The act of precisely calculating what words you enter into a search engine in order to get a very specific result. Not always a guaranteed success, but makes success much more likely.
I used word hacking in order to get Google to give up some data I needed to complete a mission in my game, HackNet.
by Pantheris December 22, 2020
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