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The most horrible and vile humans to "grace" the Earth.

They tend to live in caravan sites, but can also be found in the middle of really rough council estates, and when they grow old and grey they move to a bungalow with all their tax-avoided savings. They get money by mugging people, offering to pave your driveway/fix your walls/clean your windows, and if you refuse, they will viciously attack you. Staying well away from gypsy infested areas will result in safety, as they can be found prowling the streets and pouncing on innocent people and heavily beating them. They can also be found at places where people who are different to them gather, ie skate parks and local music festivals. At these places they like to fight "moshers" who are usually alone and much younger and much less stronger then them. They are mencaing when in numbers, but usually harmless when outnumbered, but that usually doesn't stop them. They can be as young as 10 or as old as 30, and anywhere inbetween. Standing up to one will usually result in being hounded by their hundreds of relatives that are older and "harder". Younger gypsies are usually very scruffy and malnourished, and usually neglected from attention at home, possibly because their parents are usually only 12-16 years older than them. They tend to wear old tracksuit pants and chavesque jewellery and clothing. Older gypsies (16-20) are often well built and wear tank tops and jeans, with large work boots. Older gypsies are loud and obnoxious, looking and acting like young chavs.

When they "attack" they usually seem "friendly" but often turn violent when they don't get what they want.
AKA: gyppos
"Shit, aload of gypsies have moved into my mate's estate."
"Yeah, there's loads of caravans on the field."

"I was walking past Tesco when some gyppos started asking if I wanted to see their new car. When I said no they jumped me and stole my MP3 player and my phone."

by hteebx August 24, 2006
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pikeys/gypsies= scum sub-human race who try to infect our pure clean blood.
pikeys are the sub-human race of our time and are just lowlife scum who destroy lifes and familys i should know they tried it with us. i hate them so much pity hitler didnt win the war then they wouldent be here at all think about that no gyps hahaha what a world.. when the 4th reich is born they will go down
hail brothers. not to long now
by whiteknight August 08, 2004
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Gypsies are people who have loads of history and can teach a few things about repsecting elders!!
Gypsies/pikeys work hard, dont claim dole money, dont have teenage pregnancys, dont get drunk, have loads of interesting stories.
by Charlesy February 21, 2006
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