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A form of gymnastics for people who can't do gymnastics, but want to laugh at someone else doing he splits. Young people make gymspaztics teams in their spare time and have a laugh. So far, no competitions have ever been held, and only one team (The Black Isle Banter Tea Gang of Tuesdays - B.I.B.T.G.T) exists.

The easiest gymspaztics move is the gymspaztics forward flop. The gymspazes do a normal forward roll but instead of finnishing neatly on their feet, let their legs fall loose so they are lying on their backs. They then wave their arms and legs as if they are having an electric shock slowly make retarded noises. For best effect this is done in the reception area of their high school, just as the head teacher is walking past.

The creater and most dedicated member of the only gymspaztics team can be found regularly on the streets of Inverness and local villages gymspazing it up when she thinks everything's a bit too normal.

Why do gymnastics, Teeny? Why not do gymspaztics? Much more fun!
by ~finding~josies~smile~ May 15, 2007
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