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Verb that refers to a situation in which one is gay owned.
"Dude, I was at this chick's place and there were like 4 other bros there!"

by Chode McMasterson November 09, 2010
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Extension of owned, pwned and fwned, designed to subvert apparently "cool" but actually meaningless internet slang.
Created randomly to confuse other messageboard users and see if it would catch on.
DAVE: "ZOMG, WTF? I just got gwned!!!1!!"
GLENDA: "Who talks like that?"
DAVE "STFU hor."
GLENDA: "I'm leaving you."
by steverogersisdead June 08, 2007
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When someone used google to find ammo to own you in a argument because they have no clue themselves.
You just got GWNED SON! He totally just used googled better than you!
by Houtei June 20, 2014
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