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a total cutie, usually has dirtyblonde hair and is short. A Gwenni is hyper and outgoing. Can be anoying and obnoxious but in the end makes everyone laugh and have a good time.
Person 1:who was the short girl? i think it was gwenni

Person 2:theres this reallyy really funny girl i met yesturday, she made me laugh so much! i think her name was gwenni

Person 3: omfg did u see that cute shorty? im pretty damn sure her name is gwenni!!!
by GgWwEeNnx3 September 16, 2008
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A Dutch Girl who loves to talk and relates her sellf to a Brazilian Super Star. She loves Brazil. It's like her home boy.

Oh and Gwennis is a super hot vertical inversion of a sex position. You can do a Gwennis with any sex position you like.
We pulled a Gwennis last night. It was awsome.
by loversgirl_1 May 12, 2010
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