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a girl who has been hurt. a lot. a girl who holds her head high, tries to fix everyone else's problems, but refuses to let other people fix her own. a girl who's absolutely amazing, and gorgeous. she is far-fetched, weird, spontaneous, and funny. she often is an outcast, and she is looked at weirdly by others, and most others make fun of her because they think she's crazy before they take the time to get to know her. has a tendency to be an opheliac. lets herself fall into a downward spiral into depression because she can't let her spouse go no matter how many times he's hurt her. her trust, and love is like gold, and she can be one of the most caring people ever. she's the type of girl who has been through A LOT, but still lives on because people NEED her. a gwenivere is my best friend.
That chick seems kinda weird, she must be a gwenivere. We should get to know her
by themimmykitten May 29, 2011
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