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A gweef is a male penile phenomenon that occurs when an inexperienced girl performs felatio incorrectly. This usually occurs on the first time a girl gives a blowjob and takes the name too literally. With the pee pee in her mouth, the girl promptly seals her lips around the males urethra and blows air into it. This might cause some discomfort and "WTF!!"ing. As the dude tries to get the air out, by unspecific maneuvering, he suffers a penis fart. Also known as a gweef.
That bitch blew me so hard I gweefed!!

Damn bro, does it hurt??

Idk, it was other-wordly...and i kinda liked it.
by D&S institute March 12, 2011
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A creature that has a very loud roar. The Gweef makes a very cute noise when petted that makes all people standing near tingle on the inside. The Gweef can calm a Nemmy using the meow technique when the Nemmy is angered by excessive masterbation. The gweef can make a gweefsicle, but usually ends up melting it. Finally, a gweef roar is deafening, and is usually released when the gweef get's angry.The most commonly used phrase used by a gweef is written below.
I am Gweef, hear me ROAAARRRRRR!!!!!!!!!
by Raul Sanchezz February 22, 2011
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