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An acronym for Government Wide Acquisition Contract, taken out of context, this noun can be used for any term. Especially for words you can't remeber.
Bob, did you get that, dammit what's it called, gwac yet? Oh ya, did you get the coke?
by teets January 17, 2004
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Guy With A Camera

Commonly used in the modelling/photographer biz, 'GWC' is any poser/creep of any age, with a digital camera pretending to be a pro/semi-pro photographer, usually as a means to get girls naked. With the introduction of digital cameras, GWC's have appeared like an explosion in a toy store.
GWAC's typically steal the work of others and don't have any references.

(GWC is also used often)
"Some GWAC asked me to 'test' for him, what a creep."

"What's with all the GWAC's on and, lately?"

"Damn GWAC's are ruining it for the rest of us." - Pro Photographers

"I would've been able to see her better if there weren't so many gwc's in front of me...."
by camera_obscura August 18, 2011
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Grandma With A Camera. Really bad photography. Example: A blurry snapshot of your mother in a dimly lit room holding your high school portrait.
That photo you posted is gwac, I can't even see your face.
by scanner operator May 12, 2009
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