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Guyanna is such a beautiful girl who loves almost everything and everyone..someone people like her but she also has enemies but hey its part of life.She has friends she will stick up for and her friends would do the same back.And has the highest goals.She loves to laugh.She has no dancing skills but when it comes to making people laugh shes got a 100 out of 10 ability. She is super nice and friendly so never be nervous when approaching a Guyanna.but if you mess or hurt any of her friends you better be ready to feel her wrath. She gives awesome advice about everything you can ask but is most likely not the best with comebacks. She tries her best to keep everyone happy and can keep secretes under lock forever. She is trustworthy and kind and will never try to purposely hurt you. She is hyper and often called cute or adorable but has very. and she falls in love very easily. She is unique and loved by all. She has many opinions and is always thinking. She is a once in a lifetime girl who can never be replaced
o my god there goes guyanna shes so freaking pretty and one of a kind
by Sosureal12 June 12, 2018
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