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Used when referring to a female.

The proportion of tits to gut must be positively proportional.
Any girl who violates the proportionality rules below is said to have guttertits.... (An undesirable quality)

1.) If the girl is flat chested she mustn't be fat; i.e. her waist must be smaller than her breasts.

2.) If the girl is 'thick' (or large) her breasts must be larger than her belly.

Also, can be used to justify knocking around with a girl with some 'curves' provided she has some large breasts that are bigger than her waist.
Hey did you see Jenny over there?
-Yeah, she's cute
Yeah, but she's got gutter tits....
-What do you mean man? I was going to ask her out!
Dude, she may be cute, but dude, she's got a beer gut and no tits!


Hey check out Bertha over there...
-Nasty guttertits...
Haha, yeah, she's wider at the waist than at the top...
by p24 January 05, 2010
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