gutter child (noun): a gutter child is a member of the broader breed of individuals who fall on the bottom of the social pecking order. as opposed to people with useful and redeemable qualities, gutter children exhibit mannerisms making them fundamentally incompatible with the broader population.

for example, gutter children typically enjoy a distressing fascination with japanese anime. the wear of naruto branded gear to include the trademarked abstinence headbands can be considered a common identifier of gutter children, along with animal clothing.

the gutter child also demonstrates excessive sexual deviance. they will typically select the fat or hideous for their mates, in order to soothe their innate sense of inferiority to their natural betters. furthermore, gutter children exhibit exceedingly limited control of their emotions, often breaking down into an emasculated tantrum with alarming frequency. the gutter child thus may be considered a non-pubescent individual.

sharp objects may in fact force the gutter children to darwinize themselves, eliminating their cursed genes from the pool. unfortunately, these attempts may fall into a greater romantic scheme often influenced by their favorite music. this solution is inadvisable, given the resulting cleanup complications: the pen ink used to give themselves bitch tattoos coagulates with the blood, leading to a thick sticky substance insoluble to water and most cleaning solutions.
I walked in on a brood of horrid smelling individuals diddling some 32 sided dice. I must have found the gutter children.
by high speed and hooah May 20, 2011
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