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this is a rip-off from another saso name, he is usually a bitch and 5’8. he has a big nose and is white skin. he can be mexican or puerto rican. he thinks he is tuff but he is a bitch. he lies a lot and gets jealous easily. if your his freind he wants the worst for you. he also has a small dick.
there goes gustavosaso hurry and run away

naw he’s a bitch tho
by Lazarosaso October 05, 2019
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this name is passed down from the gods and mostly Mexicans are named this, whoever tends to not call you this is either jealous that they don’t have a name like this. They have big pp’s and are tall, this brings you goodluck, if you ever meet a Gustavosaso you should suck or have it with him, you won’t regret it, if you ever meet one treat him like your master and you will too become a saso under his knowledge
Gustavosaso passed the saso down to β€œLazarosaso”
by Gustavosaso October 14, 2019
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