A useless fat kids that LOVES to brag. He can brag you all they way to your death. He tries to act like hes very smart but has an IQ and size of a dead fat panda. He might be mistaken to be completely dumb as he is very talented when it comes to tech. Dont mess with him or else u will be destroyed by his dead panda tech skills.
by Sunil Singh Sodhi June 02, 2018
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Gunvir is usually a boy. He is very good at basketball. He is not going to hockey games. He has many great qualities for example he is nice, funny and a great overall person. They usually make great boyfriend material because they always tell you how pretty you are and they make you a better person everyday that you are with them. They also have an amazing smile. And they have very big hands. They are also shy and not very good at starting conversations(lol). They are hilarious and they know how to take a joke. They are also very easy to talk to and you can trust them. Gunvir’s are overall amazing human beings.
Person: wow did you see that person they are good looking

Person 2: oh that’s Gunvir
by Maloneiscool November 17, 2018
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