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gunkin is when you get a pine cone and squeeze it till it pops and sometimes drinkin the juices w yer fellers
wanna go gunkin' w me wallace and terrence no not terrence m i mean terrence s why would i gunk with terrence m i only gunk w my fellers yes i mean inside that old abandoned cvs where the hell else wallace god terrence are you some kind of idiot of course you bring your own pinecone do you think they grow in tha goddamn cvs yes you did earn my sass terrence you litterly asked me if we need to bring our own pine cones y'fuckin iddit
by wendy's time May 06, 2018
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Noun,A concept stemming from an overheard train conversation in 2002, 'Gunkin' refers to a person who chooses to dress and live their lives in the Gothic style (E.g. Black clothing, black make-up, death metal). A Gunkin is distiguishable from an ordinary Gothic person as they refer to themselves constantly and annoyingly as a goth. Gunkin is dirrived from the word 'gunk' meaning the heavy make-up worn by the person, a feature of the orignial conversation. Not to be confused with an Emo as 2002 was way before the birth of the Emo.A Gunkin ca be recognised as they will always have band eblems sown or written on their bag/clothing.
I enjoy wearing black clothing, even in the summer, I listen to terrible music including 'Cradle of Filth' and the like, I like to call myself a 'goth', so therefore, I must be a Gunkin.
by Charlottewilby January 29, 2006
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Noun, any person place or thing. Sometimes abriviated to gunky, a cute name for the person ur talking to. Invented by to teenage stoners who love weed and have a whole language that is beeing born at this moment.
I love you, Gunkin
I love you too

I think you are a flunny gunky.
by theizzanator January 05, 2011
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