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The hottest fella to grace Gods green earth ;) Reports of his affairs with animals of the kangaroo persausion are unsubstantiated and false in nature. He is the sole lover of one woman alone *Gunganwoman*
Gunganman is MY hot lover ;)
NOT the rapist of any kangaroos, Darkfire you donkey bonking baffoon :D
by Gunga's Woman May 10, 2005
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A being of both sex's who replenishes his lifeforce by mounting roos from behind and taking their anal virginity. Hes also considered much like the vampire race as he sucks the sperm out of young males turning them into mini Gungas.
This one time at band camp... he grabbed a roo mounted it but didnt get enough pleasure so he sucked the sperm right out of a young male and turned him into a mini gunga... he was later thrown out.
by Darkfire is So Cool May 04, 2005
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