Someone who has given, or regularly gives oral to guys.
"I heard that Kristina gave head to John at the party on Friday."

"Wow, what a gumdinger."


"Last night some chick gave me Gumding!"

"Who was the Gumdinger?"
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The act of a woman inserting a male reproductive organ inside their mouth continuously in and out. Or in other words...a blow job
Bobby: Yo, we better be gettin some action at this party tonight bro!
Jake: Hell ya bro, these chicks love givin the Gum Dingers!
by Kahl21 January 20, 2011
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head, bj, oral....all the same....its a gumdinger
Yo, how that work out for you last night with that chick
Well she gave me a nice gumdinger, so cant complain much
by GumdingFanatic May 04, 2009
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