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1. A phrase used to describe an item (usually a commercial product) which is cheap, tacky, badly designed, old fashioned, poorly manufactured and/or characterised by a laughably obscure brand name.

NOTE: By coincidence, this phrase is semantically similar to the hip hop colloquialism gully, although the etymology is undoubtedly different.
While gully gully can be similar in meaning to some uses of gully and ghetto, it's chief meaning is wack.

2. A synonym for a crap training shoe.
1. "My gran bought me a gully gully watch for Christmas. I opened it and realised the wrapping paper was more likely to tell the right time!"

2. "When I was a kid my mom always made me wear gully gullies to play football in. They were called 'Run Team Pro Shaft 900' and they fell to bits after 2 days!"

by Cree$e October 30, 2007
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Noun - 1. The hanging ball in the back of your throat; also known as the uvula.
Kristen accidently tried to swallow her gully gully one night when she was drunk.

by JayLap October 14, 2006
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gully gully can be used in replace of any word, like how shit is used.
them gully gullies are mad gully gully goomba.
by jarrett November 11, 2004
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