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An extremely confident italian person who plays poker, steals stuff, etc. Goes to the gym all the time,likes gettin drunk and hitting on people with his friends (usually poor but very loyal)
the Guitto stole a deck of cards and poker chips from walmart.
by God January 09, 2005
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An italian male who lives in New Jersey. Guittos use tanning beds daily and go to the gym daily. They tweaze their eyebrows and sometimes they draw them on. Some guittos have gone to the extent of layering 4 polos and popping each collar. To get ready for a night on the town, which is everyday, a guitto will mousse, gel and spray his hair and dab on a layer of lipgloss for plump lips. Guittos go ga-ga over a great bandana and own several dozens. Completely materialistic, yet a great friend if you love douches.
Guitto: "Hey dude, how are my lips? They good? Yeah? OK. What about my hair? do you like the spikes. Ugh, ill just go check the mirror."

Bystander overhearing convo: "Whatta guitto"
by YorkeHawk January 16, 2010
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a person who you do not like, a dirty person
Caire's boyfriend is a guitto, he has a high voice and has a dirty hair cut
by r DoGg January 22, 2004
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