Short for "guilt masturbation".

A person engages in guilturbation by announcing to others how super-duper guilty they feel about something.

Guilturbation is extremely addictive, because it can lead to other people seeing yourself as "very noble". Even if the thing you feel super-duper guilty about is entirely wrong and undeserved.

Guilturbation can also be done privately, by seeing yourself as noble for experiencing lots of guilt. This is also extremely addictive, although not quite as addictive as the public guilturbation.

The best example of guilturbation is probably the popular American pastime of "white guilt" (that is to say, when a white individual feels guilt over atrocities that he himself did not commit, but were committed by individuals who look like him).

Then there is the popular global pastime of "male guilt", which is the global male equivalent of what white Americans do with their white guilt.

And finally, there is the global practice of many minor Christian sects, who encourage their followers to feel super-duper guilty about Jesus being crucified. And the most extreme sects, they even encourage their followers to whip themselves, and to engage in many other acts of physical self-torture.

Guilturbation exists in many different forms, and they are usually either political or religious in their nature.
Stop it with the guilturbation already, DAYUM... just try to enjoy your fucking life... and, while you're at it, try to help everyone around you enjoy their fucking lives as well. Can you do that for me? That would be awesome. Thanks.
by durpthesecond May 12, 2022
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