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A tracksuit or warm-up suit. While intended for athletes to wear while on the sidelines at sports events, the guido has adopted the tracksuit as a integral part of his wardrobe. The top portion of the tuxedo should never be zipped up beyond the bottom reaches of the pectoral area of the torso, and is best complimented by an oversized gold crucifix. It can be worn alone, or with a plain white wifebeater, the only acceptable undergarment.
Ahh, yeah... nice guido tuxedo, man. Please tell me you're on your way to the gym or breakdancing lessons or something.
by Sloppy July 12, 2004
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Denim on denim. Namely a denim jacket coupled with denim pants. The jacket can be worn buttoned or unbuttoned but buttoned looks more official.
Dude, what's with the guido tuxedo? 1980 called and wants its outfit back.
by eerie December 22, 2004
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