guh- (verb?) : pronounced ARG-grrrrr-ah-*sigh* (but all at once) : meaning anger, frustration and unlove-ness or just the opposite of a HUG!
You, did what? GUH!!!
by Kage131 October 17, 2010
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to be used in replacement of "uhhh"
well...guh...i was thinking, why dont we hook up later and have some fun.
by hampton December 27, 1999
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Prefix to an exclamation: "Guh-werr"; Something Emily says when she's upset.
Guh! That chemistry teacher o' mine is just so hawt I sure wish I could bag 'im...

Guh-werr!!! Today's a BAD day.
by fugly April 16, 2007
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mmmmm when the minority thinks they have rights i'm just like

G u h
Emily: Lucas, did you finish your lunch?
Lucas: Guh
via giphy
by Mr Guh February 08, 2018
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Means GIRL..used by individuals mainly from the Southern region of Louisiana (New Orleans and surrounding areas) by a female addressing her girlfriend. "Guh le meh tell ya" !
"Guh le meh tell ya" !
by Herbie G. February 19, 2017
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