Originated from Warrior Cats Lake Territory is a disease that makes a cat leave the game aka die instantly. This is usually taken as a joke/meme disease to make a quick easy thing to leave or go hence its name GTG AKA GO TO GO This happens when the cat usually gets bored of roleplays or they have to " eat dinner" This is a phrase used in many other warrior cat roleplay games. Such as Warrior Cats; The Lake Project, Warriors: The Forest Territory, Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition, AND BETA • The Lake Territory •, Warrior Cats Roleplay: Mountain Territory. THOUGH We've seen GTG BOLA Outside of the warrior cats Roblox roleplaying community such as in Amino, Wcrpforums, Warriorcatsonline, Eternalpaws, warriorcatclans2, Reddit, Discord servers, Warrior cats wiki *discussion page!*, Goldenstar and Other warrior cat and nonwarrior cat-related forum/pages and or discussions.
Example definition of Gtg-Bola
Everyone: OH NOO!
Everyone: OH MY GOD ToT * CRIESS*

1. Leaving a roleplay most of the time being warrior cat RP.
2. Joke disease.
3. A word used to leave a game with an excuse"
by CorgiMuffinz April 30, 2022
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When all the wierd shit happens.
You should seen Albin last GTG-friday, he touched everyone on the groin, such a wierd friday..
by GTG-mannen February 3, 2017
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gtg phazer is goated on the sticks and always carries on Fortnite. Also part of GTG clan wit others known as gtg peachy, gtg gwappler, and gtg shaquiqui aka (gtg vital)
GTG phazer is a goat in Fortnite and NBA 2k.
by Umm yeet August 20, 2019
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