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A grunge puppy is a very cute male/female that adheres to the grunge style circa 1980-1990's. They wear the following but not limited to these articles of clothing: leather/pleather jackets (studded or non-studded), plaid, flannel, acid wash, light denim, Doc Martens, un-kempt or natural looking hair,fishnets, females can be mistaken for hookers/street walkers, also anything that looks like it could be off of a character from : Married with Children, Full House, Blossom or any members of Nirvana/Hole.

While these styles could be off-setting to some, the grunge puppy is so attractive in looks, personality,confidence, crudeness, realness, and demeanor, that the fact they are horribly dressed from the wrong era makes them even more attractive.

It's like seeing the cutest puppy in the world, but then that puppy with a very off-putting collar and haircut. You just can't resist it.
Examples of a grunge puppy: Kelly Bundy, Kimmy Gibler, Coutney Love, Kurt Cobain, BUT if it was 2014 and they had not conformed to styles.
by IdontKNOWiDONTcare April 16, 2014
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