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grudge match -noun.
In a competitive gaming environments, and two players are playing a match, when one player loses and percieves his loses to be a result of a bullshit, whack, gay, stupid, or retarded event decides to rematch or rechallenge his opponent. The following match is called a grudge match. The player who lost in the previous game considers himself better and is deemed to have a grudge against the winning opponent.
- The Duc vs. Sanford money match at Evo 2006. The match was to be best 4/7, and once Duc lost, he believed that he was the fair victor, grudge matched Sanford to a game 8.
- 1hitcombo is notorious for his grudge matches vs. middle kingpin at Xmen vs. Street Fighter. The two players have grudge matched each other no less than 30 games at a time, each believing himself to be the better player, and always attesting their losses to bullshit.
by K` March 16, 2007
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A fight between unfriendly opponents; either a fight with an unfriendly opponent or a fight with an opponent who doesn't bare any unfriendliness whatsoever.
Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir in UFC 100, is one of the worst Grudge Matches in UFC history. After the fight, Brock (Overly confident that he won) screams at the camera and Franks face. He even tells Joe Rogan that he would rather drink Coolers light instead of bud-light (Because Coolers Light ain't paying him), and he'll "do" his wife one UFC 100 is over. Eventually, he apologies about his actions next morning in an interview.
by Supermike6 September 18, 2009
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A game where two oppents line up against a wall and push each other to see who is stronger than the other by pushing the other off the wall. Hands, feet and the head are off limits, as you can only push using your torso. Usually has a result of gathering a huge crowd.
Bro, let's do a grudge match. I bet I'm stronger than you are!
by UrbanCreatornoob May 11, 2017
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