In Ohio, currently its where people will get on facebook, talk all kinds of "I'm the fastest there is on the planet" shit. Argue back & forth for days, maybe even weeks, then cry when a wager is asked for. Then they will act like racing for $20 is just as good as hitting the Powerball if you win. Eventually one of them pulls money from 6 of their buddies to raise the $20 & they race.... taking 70 people to a spot all in one long convoy of throttle regurgitating fart cans that sound like 2 gay whales shitting on each other before docking. rolling ever so silently in to a spot at a mind numbing 200 decibels and blistering 24mph. As they line up to stage & come up on power it sounds like a hornets nest inside a metal trash can, inside a clothes dryer echoing for miles. The brake releases and everyone stares at the cars like the scene from Austin Powers when the guy gets run over by a steam roller. 30 minutes later the victor crosses the finish line the same time my domino's pizza shows up. Then comes the tirade of excuses, yo mamma jokes and posturing while docked. The victor will usually go to Brice rd and 2 step for no less than 30 minutes straight while everyone else in the parking lot prays that shitbox explodes or their mom shows up at the lot to take her moms car back home.
Look at them idiots about to grudge race
by LiquidCowboy October 16, 2018
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