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A dirty and smelly man who is in desperate need of a shower, and eats a lot of food.
I am such a gruce, I went to Taco Bell three times and smell like a waste can.
by AT-101 January 24, 2009
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Gruce is a combination of the words "Gangster" and "Truce". In short, a gruce is the shaking of hands to perform a truce, simply done as though you were gangster. The index finger and thumb should wrap around the other member's thumb, cupping the hand to perform a "Gruce." This is a form of respect and a pact to stop abusing the person it's directed at.
Kelly: "God, Forrest, you're so abusive. Truce?"
Forrest: "Okay."
-grabs hand oddly.-
Forrest: "That is like, a ganster truce."
Kelly: "So.. a gruce?"
Forrest: "Yes."
by Kelly the epi-win. March 04, 2009
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