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A fashion faux pas of the 80's and 90's involving animal print clothing and accessories. Whereas black solid black is slimming, Grrranimal prints have the opposite effect- they automatically make you look 20% heavier. Frequently worn by cougars, pumas, jaguars rednecks and yinzers. Increased sightings of Grrranimals in the Western PA region indicate a comeback in the midwest is inevitable.

Just because something is available in grrranimal print doesn't mean it should actually be worn. There is no shortage of clothing manufacturers out there committing fashion crimes with grrranimal print. Translation: unless you're a slim six-foot fashion model or a tour guide at the zoo, it's probably not a good idea to wear pants, jackets, coats or skirts in grrranimal print patterns– unless, that is, you are going for the Cruella DeVille look.
Bro #1 Look at that cougar at the bar rockin' the grrranimal threads... she looks like a giraffe

Bro #2 Nah bro, thats definitely a cow...

Bro #1 Whatever it is, that grrranimal is fugly!

Bro #2 Yeah, lets bounce, too many grrranimals here, not enough talent.
by rockstar1981 November 18, 2011
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