It means white American or person of British decent. Specifically for Americans because hispanics that live in South and Central America consider themselves americano, but by US standards they are not American. African Americans, Asians are not gringos.
The DEA gringos are invading Mexico.
by TruthSpeaksWithinMe December 08, 2015
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Usually used by Latin American people to describe Americans. When describing an American the word is usually not negative or derogatory. When describing a white appearing person of Hispanic origin, it can be extremely offensive. Calling a Hispanic person gringo(a) is denying their culture, heritage and history. Don't use it this way if you don't want to get hurt.
Me: I'm from Peru, I grew up there actually.
John: Really? I'm from Brazil and would have never guessed because you're so white.

Me: That's a little offensive.
John: Whatever gringo.
*John should have known that he was about to get beat up*
by Marimari579 November 17, 2018
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