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The Grimrecka is one of the most feared Halo PC players. Merely seeing this players name above an Enemy has been know to send players running in the opposite direction. Experienced in the use and tactics of every available weapon he is a force to be reckoned with. He often prefers long range weapons, producing the quote "If you can see grimrecka, you will die; If you can't see grimrecka, you will die shortly" He is best known for his ability to take down any opponent with three shots from the M6D pistol, hence this becoming his trademark weapon. The first two shots drain the enemies shield while the third shot is a head shot, delivering the fatal blow.

Some feats the Grimrecka is famous for include:
-Winning against 3 enemies teamed up against him
-Scaring away an opponent who had the much superior advantage of the banshee vehicle
-Surviving in the enemy base for longer than 5 minutes

He is so feared that opponents will often resort to ganging up on him to finally defeat him, although groups larger than 4 are nearly always required.

His Favourite class of weapon from any game is the "sub-sniper" class, a term he created to define any weapon that fits the halfway point between a sniper rifle and an assault rifle. These in between weapons feature greater accuracy then most rifles but still allow unzoomed aiming and greater firing rate than snipers.

Examples of "sub-sniper" include:
-M6D Pistol (Halo 1)
-BR55 Battle Rifle (Halo 2)
-Covenant Carbine (Halo 2)
-G3 (COD4)
-M14 (COD4)
-Shock rifle (UT2004)
Hey, have you been killed by that Grimrecka? he's one force to be reckoned with!
by a defeated opponent January 15, 2009
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