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A person whose assets are tied up mostly in their mouth in the form of expensive dental work i.e. diamond letters and gold or platinum caps
I thought that fool was poor until he smiled revealing that he was indeed a grillionaire
by The Spadoni Orchestra May 11, 2009
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(noun): An individual who possesses wealth in the form of prosthetic teeth or other comparative mouth ware. The mouth ware or prosthesis will often be precious metal in nature and/or adorned with semi-precious or precious gems. The individual will often prefer this form of storing his or her wealth to cash, stocks, bonds, banks or other such financial institutions due to the portable and fashionable nature of such objects.
"Yo's dawg dat thug dun busted me'ss in muh mouf dun made me'ss uh grillionaire." - a striking young man commenting on the fortuitous nature of his encounter.
by verisimilidude. August 08, 2012
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A new rapper who is currently emerging with Ice Cutta'and Ag107 from the Property Club in Georgia.
Ay Dog, Ay! did you hear Grillionaire's new jam "gatz and Grillz?" what you didn't? Tell me you heard "you just a mark ass bitch!"
by ken the j November 12, 2006
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