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Unspecific but somewhat depraved sexual act that should help distract from a Saturday morning hangover. Like a real cheeseburger, it's better with some bacon.
Guy_Howdy said:
@lucyspet You are a pro, baby. You need a greasy cheeseburger like nobody's business.

JuarezAfterDark said:
@Guy_Howdy I'd love to give @lucyspet a greasy cheeseburger. #euphemism
by JuarezAfterDark October 09, 2010
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An often tan, hair greased person that does not necessarily eat cheeseburgers on a daily basis, but often acts mischievous and has a tendency to look good to impress other females. The species of person can normally be found in the inner city, and disguised as a hipster. It uniquely talks in ways to make others laugh, also cannot stay fixed to an idea. Usually these species do not bother about their size, but only choose to disguise it wearing almost the same sweater outfit everyday. A greasy cheeseburger sometimes chooses to mimic other people in order to be popular and liked, gaining attention such as a character from Jersey shore.
the greasy cheeseburger died his hair blond, the day after the most popular kid died his hair blond. The greasy cheeseburger imitated a teacher to impress other characters the greasy cheeseburger talked about expensive items, in order to sound knowledgeable and money strapped. People often called greasy cheeseburgers watch popular teen television such as MTV. A greasy cheeseburger may seem to be a gay hipster but in fact is, usually a heterosexual fashionista or being.
by Bubbles From Trailer park Boys February 09, 2015
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