An adjective used to describe something that is really good; awesome
Used by gay, austrian fashion reporter and journalist Brüno.
Gay Converter: "You're dressing better now, that is, from a straight perspective."

Brüno: "Grea'."

Gay Converter: "Pardon me?"

Brüno: "Grea'!"

Gay Converter: "Cry?"

Brüno: "Grea'!"

Gay Converter: "Crap?"

Brüno: "Like really good, grea'!"

Gay Converter: "Oh!"
by ilikecohen February 1, 2010
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A legendary sword in the game fortnite only found by those gifted with the power of an extra chromosome.

Lose -15 Speech.
"Hey Mom!, I found a grea-foun-sword" said little Timmy. "Thats great honey, now put your helmet back on" said his mother.
by GreaFounSword August 1, 2017
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When something or someone is sooo good,you have to join all the words "epic","awesome","great",and "fantastic" to show how excellent it is or they are....

Used this to describe a book someone gave me
Guy #1: Hey dude,I just got this EPI-AWE-GREA-FANT-IC book yesterday...
Guy#2: That's great,dude...
by *NEEDLES* January 16, 2011