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A romantic identity that falls between aromantic - or not experiencing romantic attraction - and alloromantic, or experiencing romantic attraction (most people are alloromantic). Someone who is grayromantic may rarely experience romantic attraction.

Note: this is different than your sexuality! Your sexuality is who you're attracted to, whereas this specifies how/when. You can be straight, gay, bi, pan, etc. and grayromantic.
Sam is grayromantic and bi. She's attracted to men and women, but doesn't often experience romantic attraction.
by sugarfog March 3, 2019
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when you rarely feel romantic attraction towards others.
Ingrid is grayromantic.
by cheesy fries August 8, 2014
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A romantic orientation that describes individuals whose romantic attraction exists in the gray area between romantic and aromantic.

Many people who identify as grayromantic do experience some romantic attraction, but perhaps not at the same level or frequency as those who identify their sexuality or romantic orientation as something other than asexual.
Person 1: Hey wanna date me?
Person 2: No I'm grayromantic
Person 1: Ok wanna play video games instead?
by Lumi <3 December 12, 2021
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