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In Texas dialect--Texas is so hot and humid in the summer, that perspiration on children's necks combines with dust from the ground to form a single, dark line of dirt in the skin crease under the necks of the children. The adult, seeing the dark line on the child's (especially girl's) neck, laughingly teases the child that, "You stole Grandma's necklace!" Younger children get defensive or cry. Older ones play along with the adult.
Adult or teen: "Ooh! You're gonna be in trouble! You stole Grandma's necklace!"

Child: "What do you mean? No, I didn't!"

Adult or teen asks peer to verify or shows child in a mirror: "See, you stole Grandma's brown necklace!"

Child: "No, I didn't! Really!"
by Embroidery Fan June 10, 2017
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