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Get Paid To.

GPT sites are survey sites that pay anyone free money for completing incentive offers like submitting an email, submitting a zip code and saying yes to a path of offers.

Many people earn a lot of free money online doing GPT offers and get paid thru PayPal, Checks, Amazon Giftcards, even xbox, PS3 and laptops and more. Many popular GPT sites like casinogpt, cashcrate, treasuretrooper, dailypaygpt, myinstantgpt and much more are rewarding members each day.
Guy 1: I just won $100 on a GPT contest?

Guy 2: What the heck is GPT?

Guy 1: Get Paid To sites - only a few no scam ways to make money on the internet.

Guy 2: WoooOOOoOOOwWWwWww
by MicrosoftFireAnt February 18, 2011
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GPT- Gay People Time

Similar to Black People Time in that we are always late, however with the gays we are usually running late because we need to pluck that extra eyebrow hair or brush our teeth twice. We end up looking fabulous and no one really cares that we are a half hour late because it is expected.
Kate (on the phone with Joe): Meet us at the bar at 1030.

Alicia: I thought we were going at 11?

Kate: Shhh! Joe runs on GPT. he always ends up running late, so 11 will be perfect for him.

Alicia: GPT?

Kate: Gay People Time, duh!
by Joeho3 September 08, 2010
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