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To be served by a goth. Served means being beaten (or owned.) It is a reference to the episode of South Park which mocked the movie "You Got Served!"
One of the goth kids says, "I'm such a nonconformist that I'm not going to conform to the rest of you." He joins the dance team. In response, another goth kid says, "We just got gothserved."
I win. You just got gothserved.
by Stacy February 15, 2005
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to be goth served is a higher degree of serving. it is from the south park episode that makes fun of the movie, You Got Served. In many circles it is condsidered a higher form of being served and more severe. Others think of it as being served about a goth (or, occasionally, other scene) faux pas. Still some believe the only way to be goth served it to be served by a goth. This includes any form of serveage.

see: serve, You Got Served, or goth
::Bob trips for no reason and falls flat on his face::
Billy: You just totally goth served yourself!
by version 2.0 May 21, 2005
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