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Gothic personality can apply to both goths and non-goths (or "normies" as I like to call them) alike. A person with a Gothic Personality is likely to be more concerned with the *deeper* aspects of life and permeating beneath the superficial. A person with a Gothic Temperament is likely to be highly introspective, philosophically curious, romantic and brooding && artsy and creative.

Other traits that are expectable are:

Interest in reading and literature, passion for music and perhaps playing an instrument, interested in psychology or mythology (anything with a supernatural flair) and open to experience. Someone with a Gothic Personality is more likely to be upfront and honest about the darker aspects of themself such as dark desires; the participation in fetish/what society deems "perverse" such as BDSM etc.

A person with a Gothic Personality often has hidden talents like writing, interior design and computer programming to name a few. A key component of the Gothic Personality is also the desire to remain an enigma against all odds - to retain a sense of mystery about their person. I believe this is the defining characteristic of the Gothic Personality. You can never fully figure them out... You yearn to fully understand them but it becomes impossible in the most uncanny way.

I must mention that not all Goths have a refined Gothic Personality. And I've met normies who seem so "Goth At Heart" that it freaks me out. Another Mystery!
Seriously Janet, I've met this normie guy who is like totally Goth At Heart. He must have been a Goth in a past life or something. A Goth re-incarnated! He is into all the same stuff as me... Psychology, The Occult, Philosophy particularly nihilism, Anarchy, He's also obsessed with sadomasochism and sensations of unreality. He's got a head full of gothic shizzle. All we ever talk about is deep and dark and disturbing. I am impressed by his Gothic Personality. I'm going to sneak up and dye his hair black while he sleeps... mwahahaha...
by DamselInDistress September 14, 2013
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