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Hot chicks that listen to industrial and heavy metal and shit like that and are the shit
tim-What do you consider your self

amy Goth
by Gimpy2dope December 30, 2003
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12-18 year old girls who dress in black clothes from target and famous barr and studdes leather stuff from hot topic, write sucky suicidal poetry in their ringbooks and decorate this with turned around pentagrams, are totally into vampires, self-mutilation and death, plaster their walls with luis royo posters and think they are so deep and different from all the other pubescent, angsty teenagers. all just because they think ville valo from HIM is sooooo cute.
gothic girl 1: "my life is so shitty.... when i get home i am going to slit my wrist a bit..."
gothic girl 2: "i always feel better when i do that, too. and then i write a poem about it."
gothic girl 1:"i guess the only person that really understands me is ville..."
both: "siiigh..."
by icandoitbetter March 26, 2005
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