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Highly addictive mmorpg, realms within realms with quests that pull you deeper into the fabric of the game, whilst striving to be better than everyone else. KS'ing and PvP are your life and you enjoy it.

Real Life is just a figment of your imagination. Your friends are cultmates and your enemies are those who strike back when you try to steal their gold.
"I don't think we need to get anything out of pvp kills except what we already have now: sense of revenge, justice, psycopathic glee, whatever turns you on"

Gothador - Devillishly Addictive
by Kiros January 19, 2006
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A merciless clone of RavenBlack's Vampires, made by goths, for goths, in a gothy way.
"Dude, click my Gothador link."
by MorganZ April 30, 2007
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The paragon of bad MMORPG. Name something you don't like in a game? Gothador has it. Slowness? It's slow. Crashes? Daily. Unfrequent upgrades? Text-mode? Sure. Chars bannd and erased? Hundreds. Expensive? More than Warcraft. Bugs? They have a longer lifetime than chars.

Create a disposable character if you want, just to put the mess in the game chat or the game forum for one hour and then switch to any other MMORPG and never ever come back to this one.
Suggestions for naming a disposable char: "DieSooty003", "DieSooty007" etc

Suggestion of messages for the game chat:
"How many new bugs today?", "Play Runescape", "Gothador game of the 1970's"
by 25/9Collective October 18, 2008
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