a beautifully stunning girl, and also a girl undiffiable to getting over after years
i wish i had that gossard to myself
by jeremy trite January 22, 2009
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Guitarist for the band Pearl Jam. Often makes contorted constipated faces whilst changing chords. Walks like a duck and loves hugging trees. Sexuality has been questioned in the past. Likes to wear cowboy hats and plaid pants on stage as well as large dildos on his head.
Person A: "Yo, that guy on stage plays guitar like a duck about to take a dump"
Person B: "That's Stone Gossard!"
by imtheocean May 24, 2008
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The point in time when although things are working fine a complete system restart has occured
Them: How'd things go last night during registration?

Me: Well as you can see by this graph, thigs were working but here you see the standard gossard deviation, then it was busy again.

Them: What an idiot!
by justsomeahole January 30, 2012
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