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Gosforth comes from the Latin Gosse Fourthiy, meaning Home of Cunts. Gosforth is often shorted to "g0ssie", which the rajies refer to it as.

Situated within Gosforth, we have three amazing Post Offices - all owned by welcoming foreigners. We also have many state of the shit hole schools, including Gosforth Academy.

There are two types of people strolling around in Gosforth. The rajies tend to attend Gosforth Academy, where you see them smoking after school at "reggie". The poshies tend to be the residents of Gosforth, who feel they have been invaded by the immature children; ruining their community.
Boy 1: y is dat fxkn kiddo havani sex in a bush?
Boy 2: duna, hear he goes to g0ssie.
Boy 1: ah'reet. fxing gosforth kids.
by indian tech support June 07, 2014
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