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A water born animal famous for its sleeping capacity - particularly after bair madness. This creature can appear angelic and possibly of continental origins although BE AWARE this is fraudulent behaviour as the specimen is almost certainly native to the British Isles.

Should you come across such an animal the best course of action is to placate it by saying, "Maaaaaan, what do you meeeeean? You are a genius!". He may respond, "Rah boi!". This is usual due to limited cognitive abilities of this creative, most diminished shortly after awakening.

After this exchange the creative will probably be distracted by a passing female, to which it is very attracted. In this instance make speedy your departure in order to avoid imminent debates regarding topics such as the pronunciation of "Bruschetta".

There have been no recorded instances of physical violence on intelligent species although one incident of an attack on a lesser and morally corrupt creature. Leave food for the gorag as often funds for purchasing nourishment are limited or most commonly non-existent.
That gorag is an interesting creature.

Nocturnal creatures, such as the gorag, come out at night or early evening.
by M.T. Head May 11, 2006
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