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A ring leader of a cult, gang or group who is a goon. They have incredible power to intimidate authoritative figures and raid certain individuals of a high social class. Don't get these guys confused with bad guys because they actually go after the "real" bad guys. The people goonlers target are those who get ahead in life by riding on others failures and being fueled by greed. It's those useless rich people who sit at home guarding their money thinking it will bring them happiness that goonlers target.
Some wealthy ignorant man was complaining the planes flying over his mansion were too loud and was going to force the airline in court to not fly over his land.

Later that night the goonlers wrote graffiti on the wealthy man’s helicopter pad, mowed the word "GREED" into his front lawn, and raided his kitchen. The food from the kitchen was donated to the local food bank. Hail the goonlers!
by Goondued November 05, 2011
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