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adj. a place that is packed tightly with gooks, chinks, or slopes and invariably also filled with the smell of gookrotten, unwashed subhuman flesh and bucktoothed cooliebreath.
1. My uncle killed a lot of zipperheads during two tours in the gookthick jungles of Viet-nam.

2. It's never any fun going to the gookthick San Francisco DMV

3. This used to be a good neighborhood, but ever since the chinks started moving in, the place has turned just gookthick.

4. One must be careful whilst riding the gookthick public transportation in Oriental countries; petty thievery is rife.

5. The sight of so many trash picking coolies turned my stomach - I had to leave the gookthick place immediately.
by Animal from another Mother March 04, 2008
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