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One who is apt in the art of obtaining information through the use of Google. A Googlologyst will spend most of their time aquiring information no matter what else needs to be done at the time. It can almost be seen as an addiction.
Shaun: Hey, Jose , how long does a starfish live?
Jose: Starfish live a million years.
Shaun: Wow! A million years?! That's a long time!
Maryna: NFW. There's no was a starfish live amillion years!
Jose: Prove it.
Maryna, the googlologist searches Google and determines that a starfish can only live for 15-20 years.
by Shaun Milliken February 07, 2008
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a person that uses absurd facts that no one can understand in a conversation then is chalanged to prove that it is a word then says "look it up on google."
guy 1- "there is no place called clookaslavakia"

The googlologist- "yes there is look it up on google."
by the african vannila face December 14, 2008
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