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To control more and more of your life on google tools (gmail, calendar, G1 Phone, etc.).
googlfy your email with a gmail email account, googlefy your appointments with google calendar, googlefy your phone with a G1 Google phone, googlefy your apps with Google Apps, etc.
by googled May 22, 2009
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Googlefy is simply the process of verifying something via the all-seeing, all-knowing, 100% accurate fountain of information and knowledge also known as g-o-o-g-l-e. Not to be confused with googleize which is the process of using all google tools to help your life function like God intended it to and render you incapable of passing gas without them.
Maximus Aurelius: Yo, Olga told me that risque pics of Brad Pitt and Vern Troyer (mini-me) rolling around de-clothed in a mud pit were released on the web.

Jayson: What?!? i think you should googlefy that
by Qberto - Czar of War September 03, 2009
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