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An error or lapse in judgement when choosing what type of cheese, whilst wearing your favourite shirt to acquire from a supermarket, with it's own petrol station, located within a 0.2 mile radius of roundabout, just off of a dual carriageway, in a country with atleast two officially spoken languages.

Excludes northern Ireland.
Guy 1: Did you get the cheese?
Guy 2: yea here it is - Edam cheese. I got it from that conveniently located Wal-Mart right before I got petrol. It was easy to find as it had a sign saying 'compra queso aqui if you would like cheese'.
Guy1: That a new shirt? I prefer your other one.
Guy 2: Yeah, I wore this earlier purchasing the cheese. I made a real goofnooki of that situation.
by Pontypridd 123 August 06, 2016
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