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A rather dynamic and go-getting person with great potential. Not to be confused with the commiezilla; while similar, a goodfellasnoop tends to have a soul whereas the latter does not. From the English word PaladinX meaning godlike.
This fellow certainly is a goodfellasnoop, let us give him a muffin bar.
by GoodfellaSnoop October 30, 2004
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1 - Wow. Where to begin... this guy is currently one of, nay, THE best person on the face of the planet. He was born the son of a thousand bastard maniacs, and Superman, from the womb of Cruella DeVille. Born on Neptune's ice moon of Triton, GoodfellaSnoop (known as Goodfella coloquially) traveled to Earth as a baby and settled in the reletive obscurity of upstate Louisiana, where his influence spread and took on a form of its own in the shape of a giant pear. But Goodfella is not one to play second fiddle to a damn pear in terms of awesomeness, so he banished it to the frozen heart of Uranus (which is why, to this day, Uranus rotates the opposite direction as all the other planets). Goodfella has since moved to Florida and is attending college and performing secret missions for humanity. He recently flew around the Earth so fast it spun backwards and went back in time to kill Hitler in his bunker, change the memories of every soul on the planet, and return to the present time. On weekends he hangs out with Jesus of Nazareth and schools him at basketball every time. He is currently plotting to destroy the world's supply of pears and writing a book about how he created the 20th century out of a paper clip and a child's ant-farm set.
2 - One with such characteristics
Dude, that was bitchin'! You're such a GoodfellaSnoop!

Holy giant pears Goodfella!
by Veronica Anelhore January 29, 2006
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