Good special- a friend that will always have you back and one of the cool person that you will ever meet
Abbi is a good special
by Good special June 6, 2016
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The side band of the drummer of Weezer-Pat Wilson and the drummer of Offspring-Atom Willard.

Their latest cd was titled "Land, Air, Sea" and was amazing!

Pat plays the guitar and sings, while Atom plays the drums, and at the moment Scott Shriner (bassist of Weezer) is filling in on bass.
guy: hey, are you a weezer fan?
girl: oh yeah totally!
guy: yeah! how do you like pat's side band-The Special Goodness?
girl:pat...pat who? Huh?
guy: the drummer of weezer's side band is called the special goodness.
girl: oh...nope. wanna make out though?
guy: psshhh you n00b! no way
by Becca December 14, 2004
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A person that makes you feel happy when no one else can and treats you with the upmost respect.
by Good special person February 7, 2020
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