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A common and and undesirable problem that occurs when one does not wipe themselves after defecating (pooping). It can also occur after one poops but wipes well and then engages in an aerobic excersise, this situation is often called swass(Literally "sweaty-ass"). Do the human race a favor and just wipe.
I went poop and ran out of toilet paper and now I have goobutt.

I went poop earlier and after I went for a jog and now I have swass.
by jvero-b November 20, 2004
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It's when your ass and taint area get all hot and sweaty after doing strenuous activities such as working out or running, thus resulting in the sweat and stinky goo that builds up in your ass crack and taint.
I had a severe case of goo butt after working outside in jeans in 100 degree weather all day.
by sweatymeat April 09, 2011
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A term used frequently by the US Army's 82nd Airborne Division. Goo-Butt is a condition that befalls a Soldier who has been in the field, unwashed, in excess of 72 hours. This condition is identified by a viscous, cheesey substance that is secreted from the Soldier's ass and affixes itself to surrounding flesh and clothing. It is composed of sweat, bacteria, dead skin cells and fecal remnants.
Man, everytime I drop trou to take a dump in the field I get smacked by an angry cloud of goo-butt!
by Angry Monkey July 06, 2006
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